Hopit’s Influencers Program

At Hopit we envision a world where every person can easily access the entire knowledge sphere, simply by asking. These days we are establishing our influencers program. We are looking for key persons to join us and become the Hopit voice in their local community and worldwide.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get recognized, identify yourself as a knowledge leader/expert in your field
  • Network with HopIt influencers worldwide and gain valuable connections
  • Get rewarded with Koins (knowledge coins) for your activities
  • Be part & Lead the knowledge sharing/monetization revolution

What do you need to do?

Use Hopit- ask, route, and answer questions! you can do it anywhere any time using our App/website

Help us grow by adding new users to the HopIt community

  • For every new user you add to the community you will receive 30 koins please make sure to invite them using the “Invite Friend” button on web or app so we can reward you as you deserve

Arrange events and social activities to promote HopIt, it's your chance to be creative

  • For each event or activity you coordinate, you will receive a corresponding amount of koins, based on the amount of time and effort required for the event (up to 1000 koins)

Spread the word about Hopit and its mission

  • We share cool stuff! Please share it on your social media
  • Tell your colleagues and friends about us and help them to value their knowledge We will add you to our world map of influencers so everyone will know you’re on top

How to become an influencer?

It’s simple! apply here and we will contact you shortly

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